Know What You Have, How It's Doing, and Where it's Going

Glean combines all your financial accounts in one place, calculates your net worth and finances, provides budgeting tools, and helps you get on track to meet your goals.
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Everything you need

The all-in-one personal finance platform

Keeping track of your financial life is important, but you probably don’t have a ton of time to set up and manage spreadsheets, run reports, and analyze results. That’s where Glean comes in.

All of your accounts and assets

Built for people with more than one account, Glean gives you the tools to view all of your financial accounts and assets in one tool.

Net worth tracking

With all of your accounts and assets in one spot, easily see how your money is growing and performing.

Automatic account syncing

Minimize the time that you spend tracking finances by helping you do it automatically. Transactions and balances are pulled multiple times a day to give you the best view of your money.

Historical spending data

Glean pulls as much financial data as possible right away. Get started building new habits right away.

Manual accounts

For account and assets that Glean can't automatically sync. Track all of your assets. From property, to art, to gold. Keep track of it all.

Spending habits

You’ve got a lot on your mind, so we want to make sure you have a clear picture of your spending and earning habits.

Made for your household

Finances and budgets don't have to be a solo activity. Add your partner, your whole household, or anyone else that shares your finances.

Timely notifications

Sit back, relax, and let Glean look after your finances. We’ll send you an update on your spending habits every week so you can track where your money is going.

Built In Public

Follow along with the ups and downs of Glean's development on the Growing Software podcast and on Twitter

Some questions you may have

And... who are you?
Hi, I'm Ethan! 👋 I'm a software engineer with over 15 years of experience building software. I've used every finance app out there, some to great success.

However, I've always felt like they fall short. I've resulted to using multiple apps and spreadsheets to manage my financial life. Glean is my attempt to build the perfect tool for me, and I'm betting you'll like it too.
How will Glean make money?
No ads, no offers, no selling your data. Glean will likely be a subscription service. Charging a fee allows me to focus on building the best product that I can in a sustainable way.
When does this 🚀 launch?
The alpha release will be sometime in 2022. Drop your email in the form above to get occasional updates.

If you'd like a more behind the scenes look into how I'm building Glean, checkout the Growing Software podcast!