Minimalist Personal Net Worth Tracking

Glean is a small tool for tracking your personal net worth.

Glean is a small tool that helps you keep track of your net worth. It's simple enough to quickly learn, and flexible enough to track anything and everything you might need.

From bank accounts, to real estate and cars, to gold and baseball cards. Glean lets you track it all. Group them in whatever way makes sense to you.

Can't I use spreadsheets for this? You sure can, and you can also walk to the store, but riding a bike is faster and way more fun.
Feature Highlights
  • Add any type of account or asset.
  • Track values over time.
  • Keep accounts up-to-date automatically. Coming soon!
Proudly Built in Public

Get a behind the scenes view into Glean by listening to the Growing Software podcast.

Plans & Pricing

  • Unlimited manual assets and liabilities
  • Unlimited categorization
  • Everything in the basic plan
  • Automatically sync account balances